luigi's lincroft

I know, I know, they’ve been there forever, but since I really like Frankie Fed’s closer to me in Freehold, I rarely go to Luigi’s. To be honest, their food is pretty good, it’s not gonna make me forget my favorite, but if I lived in Lincroft …

Now, for the reason for my post. Reading the menu I noticed they have a white clam pizza. I happen to like a good white clam pizza so I read further. It says that the pie has mozzarella cheese, a clam sauce, and the last listed ingredient is plum tomatoes??? WTF? White clam pizza does not have tomato, period, end of discussion. Call it a clam pie if you like, but it is not white. Pissed me off.

Sounds like a typo. What did you end up getting?

My buddy Steve loves the regular red clam pie.

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You are right the food is “pretty good”, however I’m not a fan of their infamous “square pie” at all. I really don’t understand the cult like following the place has. (well what did you get?)

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We ended up having one of their infamous “square pie”s as @NotJrvedivici so eloquently put it. Honestly, it was ok, but since I have recently had almost the same pie at Rosie’s in Point Pleasant, and found that one amazingly good, my standards were set pretty high.


For reasons I will not mention we ended up getting takeout from Luigi’s again last night. The food’s the same, so decent but not at all destination worthy, but there was something new. Pre-pandemic there was a place next door to Luigi’s that served salads, burritos, and burgers and things called Queso Grill. This place has been gone for a while and the location is for rent, but …

It turns out Luigi’s absorbed Queso Grill. If you go to their website:

You’ll see both menus and you can order any combination of their foods. Interesting.

They were the same ownership from their inception. The Queso Grill was honestly their attempt to start a franchise which never seemed to take root. The sad thing is I liked Queso better than Luigi’s so they kept the wrong location in my opinion. (Not really since Luigi’s has been established much longer but just sayin’ the food at Queso was better than Luigi’s in my opinion)

They are saving rent, good for them.


We stopped in Queso Grill today on our way back from Red Bank. First, they do only takeout—no dine-in. Second, we ordered two burritos and it came to over $36 before tip—or would have, but we canceled the order, and got takeout from Shanghai Bun instead. $27 and we have leftovers.

Cross another off our list. Rinconcito is more authentic, a better value, and has dine-in.