Lucuma fruit

From the magazine, Forks n Roses.

Where would I find this interesting fruit?

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It looks angry!

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Ha! I’ve heard of ugly fruit but not angry fruit…

Grocery stores catering to Central or South American populations. I don’t know if Mexican supermarkets would have them.

Reading between the lines, this just comes across as one of those cure-all superfoods like you see on infomercials. But if you’ve really got your mind set on it, well good luck finding it.


Interesting! It looks like a cross between an avocado and a honey mango.

Yes, that’s what I’m reading. If i find it, I will post again.

When I lived in Queens, NY, I lived not too far from Jackson Heights, which has a huge South American population. I used to see lucuma juice, smoothies, ice cream, etc. at the local cafes, particularly ones which were specifically Colombian or Ecuadorian. You’re in NJ, right? (I believe in the town I grew up in too.) Then Jackson Heights is an easy road trip away.

Yes, monmouth county NJ. Very helpful thank you.

This looks like a relative of the indian chikoo, which is available frozen at indian stores.

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We used to order the lucuma ice cream each time we went to Costanera restaurant, a Peruvian restaurant in Montclair, which unfortunately closed. It was so good. It tasted like butterscotch.

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