Lucky Peach's Guide to Pho in San Jose

Lucky Peach’s Guide to the best pho in San Jose includes:

Pho Kim Long
Bun Bo Hue An Nam
BBH Noodle
Yummee Sandwiches
Pho Tick Tock
Pho Cong Ly
Pho Y #1 Noodle House.

Any comments? I think I’ve been in San Jose twice in the last 50 years.

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Always ordered the range chicken pho at Kim Long. Good bowl, but a bit heavy handed with MSG in the broth. Always come home drinking loads of water. Haven’t tried their other pho.

An Nam has a good bowl of BBH. BBH Noodle is pretty similar. I haven’t done a direct comparison between the BBH at these places versus e.g. Tuyet Mai since the meals were far apart and my memory is hazy, but I think places like Tuyet Mai is decent enough that, even if An Nam is marginally better, you aren’t missing out much.

If you ever decide to head down to San Jose, perhaps there should be a noodle crawl.

I’d love to hear opinions on the other joints mentioned in the piece.

Pho Cong Ly definitely has the best pho
-tender filet mignon, tai, lots of noodles, good broth (10)

Bun Bo Hue
-ordered with ox penis, not all proteins available-no pig feet, cheapest of all (8.25?)
-banh beo available, ym 5/3.50

Pho Kim Ling: Bun RIeu
-just tomato and ground pork protein, no crab paste tasted
just chile sauce and …

BBH Noodle: bun bo hue
-pig’s feet not present, bland broth

Pho TIcK Tock: pho or bun bo hue, both $10, pho needs 2 orders to serve
-large portions of proteins, crab paste, little noodles
-hearsay story rd. location pho $15/person, minimum 2
ingredients can all be served rare or in bowl, eater’s choice.

Pho Y #`1 Noodle House: pho tai gan
-tai chewy, gan tender, lot of noodle
-broth subtle to the point of blandness
no ingredients tasted-msg, rock sugar, etc.

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+1 Cong Ly.

Thanks for the recommendation! I went and had a couple of very satisfying bowls last week. They are now $10.5. $11.5 for large.

What else would you say is on par with Cong Ly?

What do you mean by minimum 2? that two persons have to order 2 bowls of the same pho? why?

$15 for pho?

nothing on par with Cong Ly that i remember. will post if i do.

Pho Tick Tock’s pho has a mininum order of 2 before they make it. don’t know particulars
-guessing labor is one reason.

lst location is $10 pho, 2nd location on Story read on y…, it’s $15 per person, didn’t read particulars

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Which Pho Y 1 did you refer to? There are two in San Jose, one in Evergreen (Pho Y 1), one in North SJ near Kim Long (Pho Y 1 Beef Noodle House).

evergreen. 1660 E. Capitol Expressway.

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