Lucky Peach is apparently toast

terrible news. Lucky Peach will apparently fold its operations up in May.

this is awful. it’s the only food mag i subscribe to. Guess now I can donate to the SFWA so I’ll get Gravy.

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That is too bad. I liked the idea behind the magazine but the layout/design made it challenging for me to enjoy - I assumed it was designed for “the kids” but just couldn’t get past it. I wish it had hit its mark as articles/blurbs I read in other sources always seemed interesting.

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I didn’t like it. I got a subscription when it was first coming out. Then a few years later did it again. I found many of the articles stupid or boring. And many were written like trash. I actually have a few copies on the shelf that I didn’t bother reading. I’m not surprised it tanked.

I am so bummed. It’s my favorite food magazine.


I’m right there with you, @TheLibrarian: it’s one heck of a publication. This is a real loss.

More details:

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold