Lower salt dining out, post salty meal recovery

Yep. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

I did go for a 10 000 step walk the last 3 days. I have rosacea so I can’t do heavy exercise, in terms of really vigorous.


I made a low sodium version of this tonight

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Many moons ago my wife and I ate at a highly-rated restaurant in La Jolla, California. We went for the tasting menu, with wine pairings. The first course was quite enjoyable. The next three were salt bombs; we advised the waiter of this after a bite of each. After the third salt bomb the maître d’ saw us sitting with obviously parked cutlery, so we told him what was wrong. He suggested terminating the meal and charging us only for the wine. We exited $125 lighter and hungry. I reported this in CH, which elicited a firestorm from a couple of fan boys of the restaurant.


If it’s not a restaurant where I’m a regular, I don’t go back to the restaurants that serve me a salt bomb that keeps me drinking water all night. I also keep track of places that are a little too salty, and visit rarely.

Or, in the case of some shawarma shops, I get the shawarmas / kebabs with no toppings or condiments.

My worst experience before the veal parm I ordered the day before I started this thread, was after an Ethiopian meal. The day after the meal, I put on some new boots I’d bought 18 hours earlier, and they seemed too small, so I returned them to the shop.

2 days later, my new boots were over a size too big. I’d worn them outside the day before, so I wasn’t going to be returning them.

I then looked up the sodium for Ethiopian food in a Toronto Star column that used to measure the calories and salt in popular restaurant foods.

This was in 2014, right around the time I started being more careful about my intake. From 2007-2014, there were a dozen Chowhounds in the Toronto area who would get together to do food crawls in various neighborhoods or across the city. That had been one of those days, we had gone to East York, where I had had a Greek lunch, then sampled Turkish pides, and sampled an Ethiopian Platter , maybe a gourmet donut, as well, with some Chowhounds.

I stopped taking part in the food crawls because my delicate constitution can’t handle it. :joy: