Low Carb/Zero Carb

I’d like to see a Low Carb/Zero Carb board. The closest board is Kosher/Halal/Special Diets and that’s not really that close.

There IS a low carb board over on that other site, the one I left to come here. The one that sucks. Please don’t make me go back there.

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Your best bet is probably to start some low carb/ keto threads and see what kind of participation they get- new boards are usually started because there is evidence of enough participation to support them.

As a person that eats low carb/ whole30 I’d be interested for sure.


I would 2nd the request. While I’m not currently doing a true no carb diet, I will be going to back to it again and would like to have a go-to location for ideas. I wasn’t aware there was one on the other place, Weezie is giving some good advice though. Let’s see what @hungryonion has to say.

I’m certainly up for more LC threads or even a dedicated board, although in my experience there isn’t a ton of interest in low carb on foodie websites in general. There are dedicated low carb forums that get more traffic but I find many of the posters there are more focused on weight loss at all costs rather than celebrating the foods available to them on a low carb diet.

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I just repurposed the Kosher/ Special Diets board to be Other Diets board, including low carb/ zero carb. (Kosher traffic was low) So please feel free to start low carb/ zero carb discussions there.



I just bumped up a low-carb cooking thread on the Other Diets board - come on over and join the party!

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