Low Carb Ribs?

My husband began a low carb diet a couple of weeks ago - it’s working! I’d love to grill some baby backs but I usually use a bbq sauce. Anyone have any low carb ideas for ribs? Thanks!

There are several good low carb BBQ sauces, here’s one:

The obvious answer is do Memphis style dry ribs and keep the amount of sugar in your rub as low as you can. You could even try using Splenda brown sugar, although I have no idea what the results would be.

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Dry rub without sugar.


Would he like the north carolina style that uses a vinegar heavy prep…? I think that this is brushed on repeatedly while cooking as well as afterwards

Or there’s the mustard based version from south carolina, you could either omit/greatly reduce the sugar or use some of whatever low carb sweetner

ETA: hmm. Or not…! According to comments on the recipe no one mentions using for ribs…

Splenda Brown Sugar is brown sugar mixed with Splenda. I’m diabetic so I watch sugars & carbs all the time. To avoid the molasses/brown sugar carbs I make bbq sauces from fruit rather than ketchup(high in sugar), molasses & brown sugar. Google fruit based BBQ sauce & you’ll find a million recipes. I prefer peach & plum. Fruit still has sugar in it so moderation is the watchword here.

Dry rub or G Hughes BBQ sauce (BBQ experts might not find it suitable but it’s pretty good), you can also do a mustard sauce as suggested or a creamy Alabama sauce for something different but I usually do a dry rub.

I typically make a rub using granular splenda or erythritol for sweetness (or without any sweetener, although I find the flavor to be much more balanced with at least a bit of sweetness). As far as sauce goes, IMO mustard-based sauces taste better when artificially sweetened than tomato-based sauces do. I have also had success using Thai curry paste to rub the ribs and then serving them with a coconut lime sauce - non-traditional but delicious.

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