Lovely al fresco at Ye Olde Stone Mill, Tuckahoe...

I stop into Ye Olde Stone Mill on Scarsdale Road in Tuckahoe from time to time for a couple of beers and maybe a snack. Proprietor Louis DiNapoli is a genteel guy. His hostess always nice. He has tried to keep this historic space on track thru the years. He also owns popular Angelina’s up the street. We had a gift certificate to dine here, so we met up on the beautiful flowery patio for a cocktail prior to going inside. Louis came over to say hello, then went into the patio to pick some herbs with a kitchen pan. Enjoyed those moments outside.
Inside, we were seated in the atrium room Louis had constructed a couple of years ago. It was pleasant. Our order: I jumped on a bowl of pasta called Sunday at Grandma’s with our choice of rigatoni, sausage and meatballs & Nonna’s Sunday sauce. My partner went for the Chicken Capriciosa, double breaded chicken cutlets topped with arugula salad served with a large Roman artichoke heart. We asked for a side of broccoli rabe. Good Italian bread and butter were placed on the table pre-heated, which I appreciate. Both mains were hearty, generous portions and good. We took home half the pasta dish and side of broccoli rabe.
Caveat: Service staff were nice enough, but often slow. Or maybe they were just giving us a chance to unwind.
Louis’ son Perry DiNapoli operates The Briarcliff Manor and Antipasti di Napoli, a catering facility and a la carte restaurant in Briarcliff…

My former HS holds a many of their combined class reunions there,
even after getting very drunk no one will eat the food, which is
reminiscent of institutional grade fare.

Folks with no taste like it because it is Sysco food.

Here’s their episode of Kitchen Nightmares featuring the previous owner:

Several years ago, I posted an anecdote regarding something my spouse and I witnessed at Angelina’s on another food board. It was something that I felt was imperative for other patrons to know. The board took my post down with some lame excuse.

I remember that one. The sad part is, after that episode most of the staff left. We must also remember that the original owner was a would-be actor…

Old Stone Mill is terrible! Have been there over the years, and recently, dragged there by acquaintances for school reunions. Seriously disgusting food.

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