Love your local grocery enough to make a musical?

Floridians love the homegrown grocery chain Publix. The company has a long history of community involvement and is part of the local culture. Founded in Winter Haven the headquarters moved to Lakeland where it became one of the largest private employee owned companies in the world. Folks in Lakeland have debuted a musical about the company!

"Students from Harrison School for the Arts debuted a musical about Publix Super Markets founder George Jenkins and his legacy of giving Thursday night at the annual meeting of the Greater Lakeland Chamber of Commerce. "

(Link has a short video clip!)

People say they love Wegmans or they love Trader Joe’s…but this is true love in action! :love_letter:

For more about the Publix culture and why the company has such loyal customers:


How cool. I wonder whether other grocers have such devoted fans too?

Market Basket in Massachusetts inspires loyalty here. In the summer of 2014, employees and customers banded together to boycott the grocery chain until the company’s admired CEO was restored and a buyout was possible. A documentary film tells the tale: