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I’ve heard mixed reviews and now an official Newsday Review for our reading pleasure:

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Have you noticed that Newsday food reviewers are allowing themselves to be identified online and on T.V.? Doesn’t seem wise to be recognizable when dining out, does it?

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Erica was the last one left. She used to have her photo next to her articles. Pervaiz Shallwani I think was hired by the ad they put out looking for a TV personality that can write and drive… and Peter Gianotti is back. Have you seen Peter anywhere?

I love the food section… Newsday, not so much.

You seem to have to pay to read the review.

If you’re an Optimum subscriber, you can log in using that to get it for free.

I don’t recall Erica ever having a photo up, really? I saw her on T.V. once.

Yeah. She started a thing about writing all sorts of food related stuff and was always not as secrative as joan remnick in identity. She had a small pic of her next to something like Burning Questions or other articles.
This may have been around 2004ish???

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I saw her on T.V. in recent months, shocked me, since she’s reviewing restos more NOW. Now
Pervaiz. I think the publishers are doing their best to monetize the food section for ad revenue, and that good writers with integrity must be finding the crap they have to accept placing there hard to swallow, pun noted.

I was seriously considering applying for the position that they hired Pervaiz for… not that I am qualified… lol…
But my hatred for that rag Newsday prevented me from making that mistake.
They have little competition in food reporting on LI.
The only other thing is Restaurant Hunter on Fios…
It’s Only about ads, always. How else can someone get paid to eat?

And Pulse mag, though mostly advertorial, not journalism.

If only there were more food oriented people living on LI.
There might have been something to rival the Newsday food section.
The facebook page “Tri-Stare Restaurant Club” is wildly popular with those that eat out 3 times a day 7 days a week and love anything and everything and every place. And emarcus is on it.
I’m still amazed at how every single restaurant can be good and many great without any off days or anything wrong, ever and the Only comment might be about service…
some people don’t want food experiences, they want to be waited on. Anything on the plate is fine, just as long as it doesn’t offend the latest trend… and service revolves around their very being.

I’m just here for the food…

I think you’re setting up a false proposition; I care greatly about the food, and I also enjoy the experience more if service is smooth and pleasant and find the experience less than satisfactory when the meal is messed up, served at wrong times, temps, not as ordered accurately, etc. Those of us who care about the food as much as you do, who also care about service when we’re not eating it at home are as discerning about food as you are, I assure you. For me, caring about the quality of what I eat, not just the cookery, means eating out less and less and choosing carefully when I do.

If you care to make the point that a lot of restaurants with superb reviews turn out to be well below expectations and to be over hyped, I would heartily agree. Some reviewers are more trustworthy than others. Usually, though a place that’s sloppy about how its customers are treated and how food is served is sloppy in back of the house, too. If I’m in a no frills type place at low cost and getting really great food, I don’t care about service, context matters.


Thank you. I agree. And you put that much more eloquently than I could. :relaxed:

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