Louie Linguine’s @ Luigi’s Tavern, Tinton Falls NJ

Luigi’s Tavern has been a “hole in the wall” neighborhood bar for the 25 years I’ve lived in the area and probably 50 years prior to that. While Luigi’s owns the property and liquor license they lease out their kitchen and dining facilities, some notable inhabitants have been Falco Bros. and more recently Eddie’s Place. (Eddie is now owner and operator of One18 Bistro in Deal)

Since Eddie moved on the place is now Louie Linguine’s who also owns Kim Marie’s in Asbury Park. (Side note I am personal friends with Eddie the prior operator /owner)

With all that said when Louie moved to the location there were plenty of signs and signage that there was a new operator, those went away awhile ago and I wasn’t sure if he or anybody was operating here. We stopped in and yes they are open for business.

There were 5 of us we sat in the bar area and were greeted by the same girl who seated us. There was only one other table for dinner bar had 10± people.

Long story short we ordered:
Apps: Italian egg rolls ($10) Bussel Sprouts ($10)

Chicken Murphy (mine ordered hot) Small grandma’s pie, Linguine in clam sauce, blackened tuna bites, cheesesteak sandwich.

Everything was pretty decent, we aren’t talking gourmet Italian but we aren’t talking Olive Garden or frozen pizza place either. The egg rolls were good although sausage peppers and onions and cheese, vs sausage broccoli rabe and cheese (like Christine’s) but for $10 for 2 egg rolls they were very tasty as well as the side sauce. The Brussels sprouts were excellent and large serving, we brought half home.

Dinners were all good, tuna over cooked but we aren’t sure we ordered a particular temp. My chicken murph was a solid rendition and the pizza was actually very tasty. (to my honest surprise) My daughters linguini and clam sauce was very flavorful although a bit spicy and drowning in sauce, the cheesesteak was huge and got high praise as well. (Half came home)

All entrees come with the Luigi’s salad which is an antipasto with a house balsamic vinaigrette. (Slightly over dressed)

A few observations. It really doesn’t seem like they are doing much to promote the place, I wonder if the dining room is secondary to using the kitchen for off premises catering. (he has a thriving catering business) The service was a one girl show, hostess, waitress, food runner and bus girl. She was very friendly and efficient but again no support staff at all. (they seem content on two tables) I took a to-go menu as I use to get delivery from Eddies fairly often, when I took the menu there was no mention of delivery so I asked the waitress and she said: “yes of course we deliver”, I then pointed out it should be advertised on their menus! (I wanted to ask her if she was the delivery person too)

Anyway I went in ready to be disappointed but turned out to be pleasantly surprised, again not gourmet but solid / decent red sauce and pizza.

Give it a try and report back your opinions.

$104, with tax for 5 no booze before tip.

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I thought Kim Marie’s was owned by the same guy as Johnnie Macs?

No, the “new” Johnny Mac’s place was called Mary Mac’s I believe. They held a contest to name the bar a couple years ago, I’m not sure what happened but I don’t think it ever opened. I go to Johhny’s probably a half a dozen times a year for their “brunch” (can only go on a 3 day weekend because I need the Monday to recover).

Kim Marie’s is a stand alone restaurant and bar closer to the boardwalk on Kingsley.

Pet peeve, that linguine and clams. Is that a soup or a pasta?

I’ve also heard the owner of Johnny Macs owns Kim Marie’s… Is that something you know for sure?

What I know for sure is the owner of Louie Linguine’s claims to also own Kim Maries, I do not believe he also owns Johnny Mac’s. (or I know he does not own Johnny Mac’s)…

Actually scratch all of this…NEW THEORY. When I was talking to the “one girl show” last night I noticed she said: "You know he owns Kim Marie’s in Asbury…then she quickly retracted that statement to say “He runs the kitchen”. Perhaps we have a similar situation at Kim Marie’s as we do here at Luigis’, the owner of the property and liquor license is the same owner of Johnny Mac’s and Louie just run’s the kitchen / restaurant.

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The plot thickens…he does link to Kim Marie’s on his web site.



Aaaaaaaaannnnnnddddddd…if you notice Kim Marie’s does NOT link to his site!!!

Elementary my dear Watson…

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I could be wrong, but my recollection is that the guy who owns Johnny Mac’s did own the Kim Marie’s property and even ran a contest to name the place. He never opened it - he sold it to the people who named it Kim Marie’s.

Just ordered another grandma pie and balsamic wings to have during the game. Although I’m not a big fan of thin crust I really do like this pie, the wings are great size and meat wise, the balsamic really had little flavor on the wings themselves. They were served with onions sautéed in balsamic reduction and those were yummy. We also ordered a baked rigatoni that nice sized portion served with their house salad. I’m liking Mr. Linguini thus far.

Well for what it’s worth looks like he doesn’t run Kim Marie’s anymore either. (Although unconfirmed I do not think he is at Luigi’s either)

I had posted in the steak thread that Prime 13 was coming to AP but didn’t know where, seems kind of odd, curious what the menu will be.

I was never impressed by the food there anyway

I was never to Kim Marie’s however the food was ok to good at the Louie Linguini @ Luigi’s tavern. I’ve only been to Prime 13 one time, the food was very good however very pricey. (especially for a BYO)

We did Prime 13 once. Good steak, mediocre everything else. Never went back. I’m still looking for that simple yet fabulous steak place in this area.