Lotsa Balls - Metuchen

https://www.lotsaballs.com/ Anyone been here? Seems a little north of where this message board centers, but am going to find myself in Woodbridge tonight for a high school soccer game, and was looking for something quick to eat after.

Always have try the meatballs and arancini at an italian place I’ve
never been to before… and this takes that concept a step further.

This is owned by the chef/owners of Civilies in Metuchen which has become a staple in the area over the past 10 ± years. While I have never been to Lotsa Balls, I do know Civilies very well and based on my experiences there I would feel comfortable recommending this place. If you are looking for a more formal Italian experience (BYOB) I would suggest Civilies on Main St. only about 3 mins from this place.

This restaurant shows up whenever I check on RESY for something local. It’s a bit outside my geographic dining zone, but please do report back if you go.

My friend lives in town. Her response:
Pros: big portions, pretty tasty
Cons: not incredible, terrible name

She recommends Mangio Toscano for Italian in Metuchen.

Thanks for the recs. No way i am going to have time for a proper meal, but I will remember these for the next time i am in the area. That Super Zuppa at Civile in particular is drawing my interest.

Super Zuppa


Fresh Little Neck Clams, PEI Mussels, Jumbo Shrimp, Crumbled Sweet Sausage, Spicy Marinara Broth, Homemade Garlic Bread, Fresh Basil (Portioned for Sharing)


Lou Cas (better than decent white table cloth Italian), Meemah - decent Chinese/Malaysian, and Skylark diner were my go to’s when I spent time in that area 15+ years ago- all in Edison. If Indian is ok with the crowd there’s a litany of spots up that way.


+1 for the Skylark Diner!

alas, I did not make it for any balls let alone lotsa balls

They made the list!

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