Lost my emglow 101 name

How do I get it back ?

Hi John (or emglow). Can you provide more info regarding what you mean by “you lost your emglow 101 name”? I assume you mean you cannot log in using that account. Did you receive any error message?

I emptied my cache on my phone . Something happened to all my logins . I had to reset Google password. Coming back to this site to login . I might have done something wrong. My avatar and name are gone . Now I’m just plain old John . Who’s going to know me with that name. I’m emglow


Well it’s not a problem on the HO side as your profile is still active and looks fine. I am not a discourse expert, but I’ve brought it to the attention of some others who may be able to help.

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I’m back . Logged in with Facebook. Holy cow . More wine . cheers.:wine_glass:


Good to see your old avatar back!

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New phone. Im unable to log into my account
Lost avatar. Emglow101

Again? Hopefully looking forward to the old Avatar, but I will always recognize the name.

What stinks is i am now a new user . Im going to post on wfd tonight. You will notice the plate and wine glass


Once again, it doesn’t look like a problem on the site–your emglow profile is still there and fine. I’ve asked TPTB if they have any suggestions. I see the last time you encountered this problem you could get in via your Facebook account. Have you tried that again?

Yes . It won’t log in with Facebook. Just sends me in circles. Ill keep trying though.

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Did you try logging in with your user name and then selecting “forgot password?”