[Los Gatos] Oak & Rye- wood fired pizza

Wood fire thin crust craft pizza joint in Los Gatos. Run by Angelo Womack who used to run Roberta’s of Brooklyn.

5 Boroughs pizza: The salametto picante was piquant and slightly smoky, and added a wonderful savoriness and layer of complexity to the pizza. Its a fancy version of pepperoni pizza, in a very good way. Delicious.

The margherita was fine. Though the 5 Boroughs almost made it a little, eh, safe? No need to order the margherita when you can have the 5 Boroughs, unless there are dietary preferences.



View of the penny-covered oven. Dining room was full at 6pm on a Saturday evening. Popular local joint. Recommended. What are the other good pies here?

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Scotty 2 Hottie & Jack Burton are my favorites. Weekend menu is fun too, their fried chicken is superior, the house made hot sauce with the chicken is on point.

I had no idea about the Roberta’s tie! No wonder the pizza is so damn good!

Wow, those pizzas look great.

Wow, Bushwick to Los Gatos.

I didn’t know about Roberta’s connection until after eating.

Does anyone know why he moved from Brooklyn to Los Gatos?

I’m pretty sure he’s no longer in LG and has gone back to NYC. Pizza’s still good…

I think we can all agree NYC >> LG, SF.

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