[Los Cristianos, Tenerife, Spain] Casa Tagoro

They do what they do here very well. It’s no doubt the reason for the restaurant appearing in the Michelin Guide in recent years. Along with Rincon del Arroz, they are the only two in the Los Cristianos area to be in the Guide.

There’s a short unchanging menu. I’m a fan of short menus – it’s usually an indication of quality, rather than a place trying to be all things to all customers. And the unchanging nature of the menu isn’t really an issue for tourists who, like us, may only visit the restaurant once a year. But, if you were visiting regularly, you might quickly run out of things you fancied eating and become bored with the things you do order.

There’s good bread to start and it comes with two types of butter, sea salt, olive oil and a crab cream. That’s followed by a freebie shot glass of beetroot juice flavoured with horseradish. A classic combination that works in this form. And healthy too – the NHS in England says that a daily glass of beetroot juice is beneficial for high blood pressure.

For one of us, there’s carrot, ginger and coconut soup to start. It’s light and refreshing with no particular flavour dominating. A salad across the table – leaves from one of those big lettuces that are almost black and look particularly striking with the white from the yoghurt dressing drizzled across it. There’s thin slices pf apple and orange and few chunks of chicken.

For one main course, a fried fillet of grouper was perfectly cooked and served with two sorts of sweet potato – a white one mashed and a red one in slices. There’s really nice asparagus and a light, slightly sweetened sauce. It was borderline if the sauce and the two potatoes made it all a bit too sweet.

There’s a Sunday lunch special that was still available for dinner – Bavarian roast pork. Two thick slices of piggy with perfect crackling. For carbs, two sorts of dumpling – one made from potato, the other from bread – and both delicious. They help mop up the beer based gravy. Served separately, a dish of sauerkraut – the sourness of the cabbage cutting through the fattiness of the meat. A really enjoyable plate of food.

We were both too full for dessert.

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