[Los Cristianos, Tenerife] Rincon del Pollo de Adeje

You’re not going to casually stumble across this place on the first floor of a small shopping centre near the Sunday market in los Cristianos. So, if you have arrived, then you already know what you want to eat, without looking at the menu (the restaurant name is a bit of a giveaway). You’ve come for the “famous” spicy Adeje chicken. Yes, there are a handful of other things ion the menu but these are mainly stuff that might accompany the chicken or act as a starter. You’re asked if you want the chicken “piquante” or not. Well, of course you do as the whole point of Adeje chicken is that it’s spicy. You get a generous portion of thighs and drumsticks. They’ve been marinated in oil and quite a lot of vinegar. There’s garlic and spicy paprika, giving it a great colour as well as heat. And it’s then fried so you get crispy skin. We order chips to go with it – handcut “proper” chips which are delicious – none of this opening a bag of frozen chips from the wholesaler. And we’d also ordered a salad. This is served quickly, intended as a starter. Nothing more than iceberg lettuce, onion and slices of a tasty beef tomato., in a simple oil & vinegar dressing . Like the chicken marinade, there’s a heavy hand with the vinegar but it works.

We planned to stop for an ice cream on the walk back to town, so no need of dessert here. Coffee, though, is very good – a cortado for both of us.


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@Harters I have finally caught up on your Tenerife eating adventures. What a fantastic trip this time around. A return trip to the Canaries was on our short list of places to go at the end of this summer but we ended up choosing a place we’ve never been to… Denmark (and of course the obligatory Iceland trip is happening in June). There’s someone in our household who is very keen on checking out the mothership Legoland!

Thank you for taking the time to write up the Canaries. We may check out Tenerife in the near future.

I still dream about Canarian potatoes with the verde sauce. My gawd…


I’d probably suggest you staying in the north. We always stay in the south which has the more reliable good weather for our winter “fly and flop” holidays - but the north is prettier and more interesting. Whatever you do, make sure you factor in a trip to the top of Teide which is Spain’s highest mountain (as well as still being a technically active volcano)

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@Harters We are doing it — heading to Tenerife for 11 days via Iceland in April. We’re starting to do our research. There’s so much to do on Tenerife, I don’t think we’ll island-hop on this trip. Some time spent in the south is inevitable, as Siam Park is high on some family members’ lists of things to do. We’ll try to avoid staying in the south, as the north is quite appealing to us.

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Ah, lucky you. Are you looking to staying in Puerto de la Cruz which is the main northern tourist town (although a very different feel to the purpose built southern resort areas).

We had planned to be there over Christmas but currrent medical issues meant we can’t get travel insurance, so had to cancel arrangements. Hopefully they’ll get resolved in due course and we’ll be able to start travelling again. but, till then, holidays have to be UK based