[Los Cristianos, Tenerife] Rincon del Pollo de Adeje

The “famous” Adeje chicken, without the need to schlep to Adeje.

And that’s it for main courses on the menu. Just the chicken. There’s chips or Canarian potatoes. And a salad to go with it. And a handful of things you might consider as a starter. But you don’t need more. If you’ve found this place, you’ve only come for the chicken.

So, you get a plate of chicken to share – drumsticks and thighs. It’s been coated in garlic, pimenton, chilli and, I think, a little vinegar. Maybe other spices. You’re asked if you want it “piquante”. Well, of course you do. It’s then fried, so the coating sticks on, leaving just a little sauce. It’s spicy but not overly so – you can still taste the chicken.

The chips are chips. The salad is as simple as you like – nothing more than iceberg lettuce, thick slices of tomato and onion, just dressed in oil and vinegar.

Good lunch – and well worth checking out.