" Los Chicos " - Peruvian Restaurant and Rotisserie, Hwy#7 & McCowan


Here in the GTA, when it comes to BBQ/Rotisserie chicken, 9 out of 10 times, Portuguese ’ Piri-Piri ’ style chicken usually was the first that came to mind.

For those seeking a change, here is an equally good, if not better tasting and different alternative - BBQ/Rotisserie chicken…Peruvian style!

Tonight, our party trekked all the way out east to try out this different ’ Peruvian style ’ BBQ chicken and meats/offal. Our party of 4 ordered:

  • BBQ chicken leg and thigh each per person ( Interesting spices, exotic flavour profile, gorgeous spicy & non-spicy home-made dipping sauces. Portion size just a touch small )
  • BBQ skewers of ’ Beef Hearts ’ ( Nicely charred, chewy and tasty. A bit on the salty side. Mild, attractive gaminess after-taste)
  • Fried Seafood ( Scallops, calamari, shrimp, Talapia, Yuca fries. HUGE,HUGE,HUGE portion size! Nicely fried, totally grease-less! Comes with really good, spicy dipping sauces! )

All dishes also comes with one choice of sides. We selected Peruvian salad, Caesar salad, Yuca fries and Potato salad. Those super crispy, grease-less Yuca fries were amazing! Surprise how delicious a simple potato salad can taste?!

Pretty nice ambience, good, friendly service and attractive price-point!..a nice change!


Cool! Thanks for posting about this place!

I like ordering anticuchos, lomo saltado and papas a la huancaina at Peruvian restaurants.