Los Angeles Times: In the Piñata District, a street food market is a theater that overwhelms the senses


It’s street food theater that overwhelms the senses and follows few, if any, norms. All those who come hunting for piñatas tend to get swept up in the show — in the birria from Jalisco, pupusas from El Salvador, nieve from Oaxaca, guasanas from Michoacan.
He starts with a cement drill and uses it to mix a huge pot of dough. Then he grabs his churro gun, a 3-foot long metal contraption that comes from Guadalajara and looks just like a bazooka, and he shoots long, curly strands of churros straight into a fryer. They’re cooked within two minutes.

I pulled out my cellphone that afternoon and recorded a few moments from the market, then posted the videos on Twitter. Within moments, my posts went viral, eventually reaching 1.5 million views.