Los Angeles Metro Area

Why isn’t there a separate board for the LA metro area? Many food critics believe it has become the most prominent, interesting and diverse restaurant region in the country, but even for those who may laugh at that suggestion, it’s certainly in the top 2 or 3. Hungry Onion needs a separate LA metro area discussion board!


Welcome to Hungry Onion!

I believe at one point there was a separate LA board, but there wasn’t enough use and it got merged into the “San Francisco bay area + California Board”. The general thought is that low demand stuff is better noticed in well trafficked boards than in isolated boards people forget about.

I know many of us would love to see more LA focused posts, and ultimately a separate board if there’s enough use. Are you local to the LA area or do you have questions about an upcoming trip?


Unusual business model worth the visit. Counterman said brisket and pastrami made right there:

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Welcome Auguste! Your point well taken. Exactly what Hyperbowler said, the site started out with a few groups from different geographies- SF, Boston, New Jersey, etc. hence why they are the most prominent and have a separate board.

Any other folks from the LA area interested in an LA board?

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Just returned from another LA trip. I posted once in the CA board, but I would have posted more had there been an LA board. Still, a search revealed few LA area posts in the CA board.

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I agree with that general thought. Even the SF board has maybe only 3 or 4 active threads per day. Better to consolidate LA into SF than have a separate board. In fact, I think a bunch of other boards would benefit from consolidation as well.


Such sad news might prompt some flags to be lowered to half staff:

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