[Los Altos] Morsey’s Farmhouse- all things buffalo

Morsey’s Farmhouse is a bit different from other restaurants- they have their own ranch with their own herd of water buffaloes. So they use buffalo in many of their dishes- burger, milk, cheese, ice cream. Something the (cow-) lactose intolerant can look into trying.

We had:
The burrata
The burger
Ribeye special that the server said is based on a recipe given to them by a Michelin three star chef. I was thinking why do you need that to cook a ribeye? More on the dish later.
The mushroom ravioli
The magherita flatbread

Of the dishes, the burrata and the burger was relatively solid, compared to the rest. The burrata was made from buffalo milk. A little more ‘rustic’ and distinctive, and refreshing with vinegar. The burger had a buffalo patty, and was fine. The fries were soft and felt like it had rested for a long while.

The 10oz ribeye (beef) special was a fail, with the ribeye cooked medium well versus medium ordered, a bit chewy, and ordinary (versus how it was pitched, despite the pitch not being very relevant to begin with re: Michelin 3 star chef recipe).

The magherita flatbread was mediocre. The components- the dough, tomato sauce and the cheese all failed to impress, especially since we had a magherita at Pizzeria Napoletana earlier in the day. The ravioli was ok but not memorable. Can be cooked half a minute less.

The icecream with buffalo milk was pretty nice. I liked our chocolate ice cream. The stacciaciatta I sampled was too sweet.

Nice, comfortable dining room. Food was average. Come if you are lactose intolerant or if you want the ice cream.



thanks for the review of this place, sck. But buffalo milk is not lower in lactose than cow’s milk: from the wikipedia entry on lactose intolerance:
Milk – unprocessed cow’s milk is about 4.7% lactose; goat’s milk 4.7%; sheep’s milk 4.7%; buffalo milk 4.86%; and yak milk 4.93%.”

Does Water Buffalo taste like American Bison?

Those who are lactose intolerant will be much more well versed on this topic. I think some who are intolerant of the common cow milk can drink A2 cow milk, goat milk, buffalo milk, etc. according to what Hyperbowler mentioned here, because of the A2 beta casein protein.

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Oh, I don’t think there’s any science that A2 has any health advantage, but if you’re gonna believe it does, might as well go with tasty buffalo milk