[Los Altos, CA] Urfa Bistro

I was intrigued by Urfa Bistro’s largely positive reviews on Yelp and other online sources, even though the menu contains somewhat generic Med fare. We paid them a visit during the weekend.

We had:
Urfa combo, which contains lamb chop, urfa kabob (ground lamb and beef plus the urfa pepper), chicken kabob, beef shish kabob, rice, bulgur.

The chicken kabob, rice and bulgur were the better components in the combo. Chicken, even though on the dry side when they used exclusively breast meat, came nicely seasoned. Rice and bulgur were both seasoned. The lamb chop came medium well- would have preferred less cooking time. The urfa and beef shish kabobs didn’t stand out (versus for example a recent kabob meal at Maiwand)

The moussaka came with eggplant layered with potato, ground beef and bechamel sauce. It was decent, though the marinara and its acidity seemed to dominate the eggplant and the rest of the moussaka.

Prices were quite competitive for Los Altos. Patio seating in the back. Relaxing atmosphere there. A decent choice though there is no rush to go back. The search for memorable Los Altos restaurant continues (excluding those that charge $400 per person. Asa seems to be hopping across the street. Also continues is the search for good Greek/ Turkish joint.

Reminds me of Opa on Univ. Ave in Palo Alto. Nothing wrong with it, but not memorable. Opa, of course, being a small chain with a few outposts along the south bay.

I have only been to the Opa in Willow Glen, San Jose. It was a pretty uninspiring meal. Urfa is a step up. Though like you say, nothing wrong, nothing memorable, just like many restaurants around Palo Alto, Los Altos, etc.