[Los Altos] Aurum- Indian restaurant with fancy dish names

Aurum in Los Altos doesn’t seem to get discussed as much compared to its other upscale Indian cousins Rooh and Ettan in nearby Palo Alto. My guess is Los Altos is sleepy and fewer venture west of El Camino for food? But Aurum in my opinion serves up Indian just as fine.

All the dishes below were recommended by the server:

Brassica beats/ califlower bezule: Califlower breaded with rice flour and covered with tamarind sauce. Yum.

Nizam Dahi Kebab- Globs of yogurt and paneer fried.

Spice Girl- chicken thigh biryani. Thank my Hindu deities for the dark meat instead of the usual dry, bland and tough breasts. The fried aromatics really sentd the dish into a level that’s not often seen in biryanis in cheaper joints. One of the finer renditions around here. The basmatis were a bit ‘wet’, however. I will come back and eat this any time.

The raita was also very well made.

Glaze- ghee roast lamb curry. the curry was great, expertly seasoned. The lamb was tough, which was a problem. I think the part of the lamb used either required a lot more cooking, or have been around for too long. But still, the curry was great.

Laccha Paratha. Their whole wheat version of paratha. Nicely done.

Overall, the meal was a success. I got takeouts from them during Covid so this was the first time sitting down. Easy reservations.