Los abuelos Ossining ny

After a so-so meal here a few years ago I hadn’t been. But today at the Earth Day festival in Ossining they had a stand and we got some food. I thought the tamales were especially good-- there was a carnitas version and a chicken version, both of which had a nice kick from some salsa verde. The chicken taquitos (which went by another name) were blander but much beloved by the kindergarten component of our group-- portable and crunchy. The empanadas were of the fried variety and these were much better. Shredded chicken and a flavorful ever so slightly spicy sauce inside. I’m not sure if they offer any of these specialties at the restaurant but based on the empanada and tamales I’d be willing to give the restaurant another try. The people running the booth were really friendly too.

Has anyone been here lately?

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Hi! I haven’t been since they opened their new place. I love their tortas and huaraches. That’s what we usually get. Glad they were represented at Earth Day. Hope you had fun!

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Yes, I was glad to see them there too. There was also a local guy with brisket, Basta, and 3 or 4 different vegan stands, along with Wobble Cafe, which I am not a fan of. Despite the rain it was a fun day!