Looking to Saucepan

I am looking to buy a heavy Saucepan. So which type of saucepan should I buy for the kitchen to prepare delicious dishes? Please give me some suggestions.

I prefer a saucier to a saucepan. More versatile, less likely to scorch on the bottom where a saucepan meets its side.

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Hello Rohit. Welcome!

What heat source do you use please? Also what type of food do you like preparing, and are there any special requirements? For example does it need to be dishwasher safe?

You will find plenty of help here!

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I’d get a multi-clad 3 quart saucepan with lid. Pictured here is All Clad brand. They are good quality but pricey. You can find similar style at a lower cost from Cuisinart, Tramontina, Made In Viking or many others. Search Amazon.

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I got this saucepan off of ebay a few years ago. It has a heavy bottom, the handle stays cool and its easy to clean/dishwasher safe. It has been my workhorse saucepan for a few years. If memory serves, I think it was only $17 (shipped). Do you have a budget in mind for your saucepan purchase??