Looking for Vegan+Non-Vegan Restaurant Middlesex or Northern Monmouth Counties (NJ)

We have friends visiting from out of town and six of us want to get together for dinner. The friends are staying in Rockaway, so they don’t want to have to drive any further than Red Bank or equivalent. Further north is better, but we live in Old Bridge, and the third couple is in Marlboro, so we looking for something sort of central to all of us.

One person is vegan, but has no problem eating in a non-vegan restaurant. That’s good, because her husband is definitely a non-vegan–he wants his meat (or possibly fish), and he does not eat Indian food. Another friend is avoiding soy (not allergic, but a health issue nonetheless), so hibachi is probably out. mark and I eat pretty much anything.

The vegan friend says one of the best places for them at home is a Brazilian BBQ, because the one near them has a great salad bar, and a salad bar price for vegetarians.

Does anyone have any ideas within these (rather restrictive) rules? Maybe a Greek/Turkish restaurant with a decent set of vegan options? (Has to be vegan–she’s lactose-intolerant, so I suspect a yogurt-based dish is also out.)

I sometimes meet my vegan brother at Sahara Restaurant (locations in New Brunswick and Manville). Mediterranean food.

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Of course my first thought was Indian food… :laughing:

I think Namli Turkish/Mediterranean Restaurant, in New Brunswick, would fit your needs.

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via45 - if that is in your price range. They are great.