Looking for turkey eggs in Westchester County, NY

Does anyone know if or where they are available … TIA

The other thread reminded me of this one… Chowdom, I’ve never seen these but I bet some of the vendors at the Pleasantville market could help you source them. I’ve never had them… What are your plans for them, if you don’t mind sharing? :slight_smile:

Last time I was in the area and visited kerley homestead farm, Gino’s (see link below) daughters recommended I try them. They said they are fantastic, mild nothing like duck eggs. They gave me their cell # and suggested I call before I head up to make sure they were available. They only have limited quantities, talk to the turkeys!!! I plan to just cook the egg :fried_egg:… last I was up that way Gino all 90 + years of him was tending to his sheep :grinning:http://www.kerleyhomesteadfarmofthehudsonvalley.com/history.html. I would like to find someplace closer to source… your idea is a good one … turkey eggs are not cost effective so they are hard to come by many who raise turkeys keep them for themselves

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I would have to disagree. I have had them several times, (when I lived in Maine) and I think they are so rich and super eggy that they were almost too much of an eggy thing, in a good way.

That’s how I feel about duck eggs.

How would you cook them? Surely not deviled, as that would make a finger food into a dish needing knife and fork.

:fried_egg: :fried_egg: just want to taste egg

Not in Westchester, but I just remembered Quattro’s in Pleasant Valley has turkey eggs, pheasant, goose, and duck eggs too, and real free range chicken eggs. Plus all other types of goodies including wild and heritage turkeys, and other farm raised game like pheasant, goose, duck, great sausages (including game and wild fowl), cheese, several types of bacon and other smoked meats, prime quality steak and fine meats of all kinds, fresh baked bread, preserves, honey, local farm produce in season, local and regional beers by the growler, etc. For a food lover it is a destination store, and a nice drive up the Taconic Parkway. It’s around 45-55 minutes from Yonkers/Bronxville, so an enjoyable drive.

You can call ahead with specific inquiries to see if they have turkey and other eggs in stock that day.
Quattro’s Farm Store, open seven days a week, 2251 Route 44, Pleasant Valley; (845) 635-2018
No website, but facebook.

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Sounds like an interesting store, JMF. Thanks for the tip. Good reason for a drive this coming season…

TY … I’ve driven past there countless times, not sure how I missed it.
I was looking for a source closer to home.

I stopped in a Quattro’s this afternoon. Picked up a dozen Turkey eggs at $8 a dozen. I picked out the largest/best looking out of the basket on the counter. Also Jumbo “free roaming” chicken eggs at $3.49 or $3.79 a dozen. (can’t remember which.) A friend got some pheasant eggs, almost as small as quail eggs, and we traded back and forth. Picked up some small venison and pork roasts and other meat items as well as local liverwurst. Plus the drinkable Ronnybrook yogurt which my local shops stopped carrying several years ago.

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:frowning: jealous
report back please
drinkable Ronnybrook yogurt I think you can find at Deciccos

Yes, and I’ve also seen it at Turco’s in Yorktown.