Looking for this kind of Chinese broccoli in SF Bay Area

Recently Grace Young posted on her Facebook page about a super thick stemmed Chinese Broccoli she saw in New York Chinatown. I sure would like to find it in the SF Bay Area! Love broccoli stems. Has anyone seen it? Here’s a link to her Facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2702069449818051&id=100000450661877
This is a variety of Chinese broccoli that’s almost all stalk that I’ve never seen before. In Hong Kong some restaurants just serve stir-fried stalks without the leaves. Chinese food connoisseurs prize the crunch of the stalks but I’ve never seen such fat ones before…"

These thick stalk Chinese Broccoli first started popping up in San Francisco Chinatown a couple of months ago. They are now readily available at many shops. The shop that was named Orange Land at 1055 Stockton seems to always have them.

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Thanks, I’ve never seen it anywhere. I’m in the mid-peninsula so I have 99 Ranch, Manila Oriental Market aka MOM, Marina Super & the like… Will look more when we are back in March!

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Orange Land is now Vegi Land. Saw today.


Also today, another spot on Stockton.


I have never seen such a lype of broccoli. I am a fan of healphy nutrition and I eat a lot of such vegetables. I think I have to research about this type too. Or I will ask my Yoga couch. Any way I think my knoweles are not so bad especially about broccoli. I`ve seen a page which a rad carefuly about brocoli, how it grows, how useful it is and how long does broccoli last. Now I have read about this brocoli and Im thinkig about ordering some seeds for my small garden.