Looking For The Name Of Food I’ve Eaten

Hello everybody, first post here and enjoying my time reading through the forum, long story short, I was in Berlin a couple of months ago, whilst I was there I went to a cafe and bought a large circle thin bread, I didn’t take a picture of it stupidly but it had a buttery taste to it and had icing on the top. I am looking to see if anybody has any idea what this is called as it was incredible.

Many thanks to all that helps.

Welcome! I’ve never been to Berlin.
Maybe try the Europe subforum.

From your description, I wonder if it is a variant of this eastern French sugar tart.](http://mykugelhopf.ch/2011/12/perouges-france/).

It was only a couple of months ago, do you remember the area in which you ate it? That could help narrow down the search a bit.

@linguafood knows Berlin inside out, if she’s around she might be able to offer some clues.

Palmier, maybe?