Looking for suggestions in Salt Lake

We’re heading to Park City for some skiing. Have friends who are coincidentally going to be staying in Little Cottonwood Canyon at the same time. We want to meet for dinner but while there are a lot of places in PC there isn’t much in LCC so we want to meet for dinner in SLC. I know PC pretty well as we have been going there for a while but other than In n Out, I almost never eat out in SLC. Can anyone suggest a place for a nice dinner in town? Somewhere between 80 and LCC would be ideal but we can head further into town.


Used to live in SLC, but it’s been a long time; still, we go back to visit. My H has been skiing at Snow Basin for the past 2 weeks, good conditions and lots of snow. One recommendation if you like Mexican is The Red Iguana - that’s a must at least once a trip for us. They have 3-4 locations, we go to the one near DT.
There is excellent food to be found in the area, if you can find it lol. Unfortunately Utah is the land of chains. Chain restaurants that is. For delicious food, Le Caille at Quail Run (yes, the name itself is redundant) used to be excellent, and in a beautiful setting. Lots of stories about that place…there are also great places in Park City and the other resorts, especially since it’s world class skiing. I’ll see if I can be more specific with a couple updated recs from my SIL who still lives there.


Maybe too far north, but Pago in the 9th and 9th might work.


My late cousin had a shop for many years at 9th and 9th. I’ll check out your link. Asian/SE Asian?

nope, straight up american

Thanks, I did check the website out. Looks nice & I saw some of the accolades.

My daughter lived there for awhile, but probably almost 10 years ag We enjoyed that as well, and was hopeful it was still around.

There was also a burger place with stools ( not a fan of bar stools, but the burgers were good. Not helpful, I know, but I am at a loss for other clues.


I haven’t been back to SLC in way too long so I don’t know what the quality is like now, but we always loved Red Iguana for fantastic Mexican, especially the moles but actually everything including the sangría. We used to go at least twice on every visit to SLC (where I had old friends)…the second time being on the way to the airport. I think it is about a ten minute drive from the West North Temple St. location to the airport.

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Its been a few years but we enjoyed The Copper Onion. Trendy, NY like new American

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Red Iguana and Pago look interesting but they’re in the wrong direction. Is there not much in the southeastern SLC that’s food worthy?

There’s a local specialty in Salt Lake – the Crown Burger. It’s surprising in concept, and surprisingly great. Equal parts of burger and pastrami.


We passed through SLC on way to & from Zion about a year ago. Due to covid restrictions & to take leftovers for meals on the trip, we stuck to takeaway except for a couple breakfast meals. Our most disappointing meal was from Red Iguana & that’s Off our list permanently now. Unlike what was shown in photographs seen, there was almost no mole included, either the almond mole or the mole coloradito. Meh.
Best meals from and we will definitely return to Tuk Tuk’s!! On return trip we even got a couple extra curries to bring home for the freezer since we’ve nothing nearby here. Be warned, their spice levels are higher than most. Drunken noodles tasty, even as leftovers. Great laarb too.
Nepali Chulo was overpriced & portions small, another that comes off my list.
While some of the dishes from Mazza were good, it was also overpriced & portions small; might be better dining in since it had a pretty high rating…
Thai Issan’s red pork curry was pretty tasty but Tuk Tuk’s will be #1 option for our next time in the region!! I think I had 7 places on my list of stops for food pick-up on the way home hahaha. I take an extra, 2nd large cold chest & ice packs planning ahead for that.
The Rose Establishment’s Breakfast Sandwich was not as described, poor execution & value; and be aware they add 18% service fee even though there is no table service except for having your plate brought to table after a long wait. Their apricot-rosemary-white chocolate scone was divine though. $52 for a mediocre breakfast for 2 seemed over the top.
We had a terrific breakfast at Eggs in the City on return, & service was stellar even though they were Slammed Busy, it being a Sunday. We’d gone to 2 other over-booked places first - phew, who knew Sunday brunch was so popular in SLC!!! Make. Reservations. for it lol.
I realize most of these don’t help for dinner other than Tuk Tuk’s but it’s always good to have info available.