Looking for Seder Meal with Skinless, Boneless Chicken Breasts [Kosher]

Okay, I’m making a roast chicken this year, but it’s becoming just too much effort. Find a suitable size chicken, thaw the chicken, pluck the chicken, find a roasting pan, spend three hours roasting/basting/etc., carve the chicken (or as Mark describes it, “detonate the chicken”), clean up all the bones and fat, and whatever, wash the roasting pan, wash the roasting rack, clean the oven, …


Does anyone have something made with skinless, boneless chicken breasts that’s relatively easy (e.g., does not have twenty hard-to-find ingredients), but still nice enough looking/tasting for a Seder meal?

I would adapt this recipe keep what you like about it

I would roast fruits and veggies and season very well. When done I’d puree, but not completely for texture with a hand blender and serve the chicken breasts either poached or baked over, under or smothered in the mixture.
I’m sure this could be prepared ahead of time placed in a baking dish/casserole dish and rewarmed.

My MIL, not so much into cooking, used to make this for some easters when not baking ham for the meal: http://www.kraftrecipes.com/recipes/catalina-chicken-breasts-89408.aspx

It’s not my kind of thing, but I have to admit it was pretty tasty. I suspect each of these brands has Kosher for Passover versions, or the constituents are available from different brands.

I have just such a recipe from a kosher website (it calls for generic Italian dressing instead of Catalina dressing, but is otherwise basically identical). And I usually make it at some point during Passover. I had thought of this as a possibility, but was thinking someone might have a something that looked a little fancier.

I thought it actually looked really attractive and spring like on the table. My MIL may have used the Italian dressing, that’s what I thought I remembered; hers didn’t look as thick a coating as the ones with catalina dressing I just viewed, more glazed with specks of fruit.

Alternatively, spatchcock your chicken, and make it the Ina way, roasted either atop onions and lemons or veggies with fresh thyme at 450 f, for very crispy skin. An hour per bird. She calls for brushing with butter first, so would need oiling. Very crisp, very juicy, every inch of skin is scrumptious. Here’s a skillet version of the one I used: https://barefootcontessa.com/recipes/skillet-roasted-lemon-chicken

This recipe calls for chicken cutlets not whole chicken that is pictured
it is not a complicated recipe

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This looks really good; I think I’ll plan for it for next year!

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