Looking for restaurant recommendations in Interlaken & Lucerne, Switzerland

I’ll be going solo to Switzerland at the end of August, staying in Interlaken for a few nights, and then Lucerne. I won’t have a car, and plan to do day trips during the days and then come back to these towns for dinner each evening. I don’t eat any pork, and don’t really like eating meat at all (fish/seafood/vegetarian is great). Does anyone have any recommendations? thanks in advance!

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I haven’t been to Interlaken in 19 (!) years. That said, I have visited while pescatarian.

I found plenty of good dairy mains. I love the bakeries in that part of Switzerland.

The trout almandine tends to be good in my experience, in Switzerland.

The last time I was in Geneva and Zurich, I overdid the dairy and couldn’t look at cheese for close to a week after my trip. :joy:

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Trout works! I’m hoping to find some great cheeses entrees, so it’s good to hear that you had a good (maybe too good!) dairy experience there. Thanks!

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Lucerne will definitely have a lot of cheese options on the menus!

I don’t remember what the regional specialties were like in Interlaken. I was based in Grindelwald .

There is a boiled trout dish called Blau Forelle, or something like that, that’s regional.

I enjoyed some desserts at the edge of Switzerland in March 2019, when I skied over the Border at Ischgl , to have lunch a couple times.

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Thank you so much. Grateful for any and all tips.

@LulusMom1, I was in Lucerne and the Bernese Oberland last June and you might be interested in my trip report on this thread, which also includes suggestions by others. Switzerland recommendations sought - #13 by JenKalb

I really liked Maihofli in Lucerne and thought it was worth it. It’s a tasting menu but they cater to dietary preferences. Don’t think there was any pork on the menu that we had and maybe 1 meat item? - a sliver. It was a very beautiful and relaxing meal.

We also went to a really good upscale Peruvian restaurant, Pikante in Lucerne which I didn’t report. While they do use meats in their cuisine fish including raw fish is a big thing in Peru. We had a great meal with several fish standouts as well as a great beef lomo saltado.

Because I stayed up in Wengen for 2 weeks and then in Bern I don’t have eating reccs for interlaken tho I was there on a couple of days. I looked at staying there with my daughter too but I don’t remember finding anything compelling eating wise. Although it is convenient transportation hub, everything is close together and easy to access with the train system in Switzerland so you might want to consider staying at higher altitude instead. If you want further non-food suggestions please feel free to message me


Thanks so much Jen, I seem to be following you around Europe. I’ll look at your post and at the places you’ve mentioned here, and very much appreciate your advice.

I had two really nice meals in Lucerne (and some not so great). Basilico is nothing fancy, but has surprisingly (to me!) good pizza and pasta. I will say that they seemed surprised that I wanted basil on the margarita pizza they brought to my table (despite the name of the restaurant, and basil being listed as an ingredient on the menu), but were happy to bring me some. Nice chewy crust, and it seems to be run by Italians. Wines by the glass were more than decent (as I found throughout my trip). I went again since my hotel was nearby and got pasta the second time, and it was also pretty darned good. This place is slightly to the southwest of the train station. https://basilico-luzern.ch/

I also found a Moroccan place near my hotel that I really liked a lot. Friendly but unobtrusive service (always nice when you’re dining solo), and very good food. https://www.barbes.ch/

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