Looking for recommendation for office holiday party walking distance from Penn Station or Port Authority.


Looking for recommendations. Need a location for an office holiday party for 15 people. Walking distance from Penn Station or Port Authority. Our wish list is to have drinks and food for $50 per person, be able to walk around and mingle but also have adequate seating (a private room would be ideal.) An enclosed rooftop would also be a wonderful option if possible. We understand that we may not get everything on this wish list but are looking forward to all recommendations. Thank you!

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It’s actually “late” to be booking a holiday party, and the budget isn’t going to get food and drinks for that many.
A bit north of your budget Porchlight is great for groups, and their pricing includes tips- no extra fees for the room and blahblahblah that adds up. Their space called “the porch” is exactly for 15ppl yet not secluded/isolated in a too quiet stuck in the basement private room

The new location of Boqueria on w40th is super close to port authority, also would stretch beyond budget- note the per person pricing here doesn’t include gratuity/taxes etc (vs porchlight which does)



This stack of requirements will be quite a challenge. Within walking distance, the Ginger Man has always been a hit for happy hours. Amazing beer selection. You could also try Stout. This place is enormous. I don’t recall the food being anything special.

You might have more options if you are open to having the event in January.