Looking for Non-Indian in Edison (NJ)

We need to go to Edison (MCC) for hazardous waste recycling this Saturday, and naturally we want to combine this with food! Right now we’re trying to decide between Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot and Meemah Chinese-Malaysian Restaurant. Any comments on either? (One question is whether LSMHP has lunch pricing on weekends–their web site is useless.)

You could get that info by calling them: 732-626-5991 (via Google).

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Another alternative if you like Korean BBQ, bulgogi, is Picnic Garden:


It’s in the same plaza at Little Sheep so you could check out both and make a call.

PG’s not too fancy but it’s clean. They have the little grills in the middle of the table, which I love.

It’s all you can eat for about $ 20 at lunch, but costs more in the evenings.

From what I understand Joon likes it too…

I’ve been to Meemag’s on 27 in the same plaza as Lu Cas, it’s very good.

At our age , “all-you-can-eat” is rarely worth it. (I’d rather spend the same amount on a regular menu and be able to take home half the dish, which is usually about how it works for us.)

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+1 on Memmah…ginger prawns…used to work over there- used to order this all the time to compensate for how crappy the job was…

PG is great for socializing with old friends and some BYOB
U sit U Eat U throw another short rib on the Barbie have another beer
No rush No Fuss

Weekends are better as the selection is a little greater and the stock turned over quicker and hopefully fresher. Never had to wait for a table and never went home hungry.

Oddly enough favorite dish there is in the ready cooked section. It’s a stewed beef tendon dish
Which my friends and family clean out when it’s offered.

I also like going to HMart food court next door
Real good IMHO Korean fried chicken!

It’s been a couple of years since I was at Meemah. The two things I remember about this place are (1) terrific value, and (2) very ordinary food. If it were me, I would go somewhere else.

Btw, unless Meemah has moved, it is not in the same shopping center as LouCas.

I was there in the last year, they have been there at least a couple of years.

You this stuff where you can paste the Google map is the sizzle.

The only problem is when Google is wrong.

They still haven’t caught up to the fact that Sabot has moved across Brighton Ave for example.

Yes, you’re right. I wonder if they consolidated their operations when they closed their restaurant in Montgomery.

Initially tried to confirm their location by going to their web site, but it says the site “is currently suspended for billing reasons”.

lol that’s not good PR.

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Market stall in Lima
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