Looking for martini glass …

Ever since I’ve seen this martini glass from the movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel “ I’ve been searching to no avail of who makes it and can it be purchased.

Welcome to the forum! Here are some to look for -


Oh just saw “Tex”'s Post. Sorry about the repeat.

It is a Charles Butterworth “Small-Scale” Martini Cocktail Glass circa 1937
There are Companies reproducing them from the original Molds

Great news ! Finally know what to buy unfortunately they’re nowhere to be found every one is out of them … sigh

One will turn up - it’s popular. It was the martini glass they used on the show M.A.S.H., too. You’ll probably get the best price from a bar or restaurant supply store, if you have one near you.

It looks like the Libbey one comes in two different sizes:

  • Libbey 8876 is 4.25 inches in diameter at the top, 6 inches tall, and has a 6.5 oz. capacity

  • Libbey 8882 is 3.625 inches in diameter at the top, 5.875 inches tall, and has a 4.5 oz. capacity.

There’s also an Irish Coffee glass with a matching stem (Libbey 8054) - you can see all three side-by-side in this catalog (p. 142).

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Hi if you’re still watching the thread, it looks like the Libbey copies that Tex posted from Amazon are now in stock. (Looking at it from the US, though - not sure of your location and/or availability where you are).

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