Looking for dinner recommendation in Providence, RI

We will be in Providence for one night in January (mid-week) and am interested in anyone’s recommendations for a location for dinner for my wife and myself. Doesn’t necessarily need to be high end, but it could be. The last time we ate dinner there was at Birch just before the pandemic hit and we throughly enjoyed it. Thank you in advance

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we were in Providence a couple of months ago meeting some friends from Boston and liked Mill Tavern. We did not think that Pot au Feu was as good as it should have been & wouldn’t go back there.


unfortunately most of my Providence dining is with a teenager, so can’t recommend too much - but I did see that Eater just posted a list for Providence, might be a good starting point, they usually aren’t horribly wrong


Several notably enjoyable meals in Providence recently were at Parkside (bistro / rotisserie - bottom of college hill), Rosalina (casual Italian - downtown) and Pickerel (ramen Federal Hill). I don’t have time to do a detailed write up immediately but I do wish we had each of these places in Boston.


Eek! As a native Rhode Islander, I’m embarrassed that a) I missed this post, and b) I don’t have a recommendation for a special-ish place (our constant dining companion is a 9-year old). I used to live on the West Side, so I am biased—I don’t remember the last time I even ventured to the East Side. I follow the RI Dining section/newsletter from the Globe and I think the content is quite good.

The one place I’d love to try is Pickerel as @uni has written. The website is rather vague but the Instagram offers a bit more insight. It’s in the former location of north and Ama’s—it was a lovely little jewel box then, as I’m sure it is now. No reservations but mid-week may be easier to secure a table? If you and your wife enjoy adult beverages, there’s no finer place for a drink than The Avery, which is located in the same tiny square as Pickerel.

I’ve read good things about Gift Horse. And of course, oberlin is fancy-schmancy.

Can’t believe Parkside is still going strong @uni. I recall going years ago for special occasions. Cute spot on a picturesque street.


We had made a reservation for a dinner at New Rivers but had to cancel due to a family emergency. Hope to make it down there sometime this spring

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We just dined at New Rivers this evening. Will post a report in the birthday weekend thread.

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@Stiv I hope the family emergency was resolved safely.

I just posted a review of our visit to New Rivers on the birthday weekend in Providence thread.

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So we rescheduled the Providence, RI trip for tomorrow/Saturday, looks like it 𝘸𝘪𝘭𝘭 happen this time. Hitting Niantic CT and the infamous Book Barn in the morning then a drive back to Providence with dinner at New Rivers, overnight at The Graduate, and some shopping/lunch Saturday AM before heading back to Boston.

Thinking of hitting The Modern Diner on the way out of town (never been although we’ve passed it a zillion times). Anyone ever eaten there?

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Yeah, like > 10 years ago. It’s a hoot (but not on the level of Palace Diner in Biddeford).

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Ohhh yea, been eating at the Modern Diner for decades. Grew up a few blocks up East Ave towards the Providence line. Also grew up with the folks that run it – Nick Demou in the kitchen and his sister Stacey in the FOH.

Now as to the food. Excellent diner food. Let me caveat that by saying that nine times out of ten I will get the legendary and justly famous Custard French Toast. Superb. However, dining companions who order other stuff are always pleased too.

As for dinner, looks like you’re set at New Rivers, but perhaps you can work in a pre-game grilled pizza in the bar at Al Forno? Again, a justly famous dish.

If you need a quick nosh before the main brekky at Modern Diner, Seven Stars is a great bakery with a ton of choices, and there is also a new bakery called WatULike on Hillside Ave just off East Ave that is getting a ton of good reviews. It’s also right on the way to Modern Diner!

Enjoy Providence, and Pawtucket too!

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LOL Palace Diner rocks – and I will be enjoying their offerings on June 30 – but its a completely different animal. Very small, with a very small menu (but of course everything on it is good). Palace also plays some of the best music you’ll hear at a restaurant – I even complimented the counterman on it a few years ago.

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