Looking for Bay Area Bread making Classes

My husband would like to learn to make bread at home. Anyone have any recommendations for classes in the Bay Area? Thanks.

I took a one-evening workshop at the Mill. It is not comprehensive since it’s only a couple hours, but if you put that together w/ Josey Baker’s book or any of the other books you should be ok. I learned from books for months before going to that workshop, asked lots of specific questions & now my bread is pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Note this is for sourdough, artisan type bread.

Sour Flour offers some very good sourdough making workshops, and you get to take home some of their starter. The workshops are half-day so you don’t end up experiencing more time-consuming techniques such as retarding the dough for more flavor, but they’re very knowledgeable and open to questions and it’s fairly easy to build on what you learn from the class.

Mike the Bejkr does great classes in Sonoma via the community center
try the community center web site or his site www.thebejkr.com for info
He’s an amazing baker who has decided to live life low key and only bakes for the local farmers market and select clients. He was part of the US team of bakers in the world baking champioship in Paris

Looks like there is a workshop Sept 10-11 with Dave Miller, Chad Robertson, and Steve Sullivan at at the San Francisco Baking Institute, also available online.