Looking for bacon jam

I bought TJ’s bacon jam a few years ago but didn’t open the jar till recently. I love the stuff, so of course they no longer carry it.

I see a product on Amazon that looks like the same jar. The brand is TBJ. Anyone know if it’s the same product, or can you recommend another brand? I am JUST looking for straightforward bacon jam, not chili or maple. TIA.

How about making your own? https://www.chowhound.com/recipes/bacon-jam-30801

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Without seeing the TJ product to compare to the Amazon it’s hard to say, however you did hit the nail on the head with the same jar. That’s generally a good sign as to who the company is that TJ’s is using as a private label. At $30lbs it’s not cheap that’s for sure, I can understand why your a bit apprehensive in just buying it as an experiment. Good luck!

(I also never knew such a thing existed, now I might order one! lol)

A little smear of it is great when making a grilled cheese, orr on a chicken sandwich.

There is also Stonewall Kitchen Maple Apple Bacon Jam, which is delicious but sweeter still, and with less bacon flavor.

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I took the plunge. The ingredient list varies slightly but the label design is VERY similar, as is the flavor. Were it not for the price, I could go through a LOT of this stuff!

I would say that a slight variance in ingredients is probably part of the private label deal. Glad it worked out for you.

I too fell in love the stuff but couldn’t support my habit. So I found a bacon jam recipe at FoodWishes.com that I love. Check it out.

Its not hard to make - there are lots of recipes for it. Doesn’t keep very well although if you are a true bacon jam junkie that shouldn’t be a problem.

Since you are living close to Boston - I have seen Bacon Jam at the WF at Alewife

Thanks, but between that being at least 40 minutes away, WF prices, and mobility issues, I am better off ordering it through Amazon.