Looking for Alcohol-Free Restaurant (Monmouth County, Nj)

A friend needs to have a business dinner at an alcohol -free restaurant–no liquor, and no BYOB either. (Yeah, I know this is unusual.). Does anyone have any suggestions? It doesn’t need to be super-fancy, but obviously he’s not looking for Burger King.

Sorry can’t think of any offhand. Maybe start by looking in one of the dry NJ towns, but most are Ocean county and south…e.g. Ocean City

I’m pretty sure Ocean Grove, while a dry town with respect to alcohol sales, lets diners BYOB.

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Yes I was referring to Ocean City (south of Atlantic City) which barred byo back in the 80s. Not sure if that’s still the case

I guess I read that wrong. I saw dry NJ towns and immediately thought of Ocean Grove given the question. Sorry for the confusion.

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