Looking for a date night restaurant in Boston/Cambridge area

I’m searching for an adult venue for a dinner with my hubby - some place with great food, tablecloths, fine service and some atmosphere. I know this sounds old-timey, but I really want to get a bit dressed up and have a lovely evening without lots of noise and cell-phone presence. Price is not a real concern, but I want to protect my husband from sticker shock - entrees above $40 would put him over the top. Thanks in advance…

I enjoy T.W. Food for this type of atmosphere and evening. They have a three course prix fixe for $55.


Consider Harvest in Harvard Square; Troquet and Meritage in Boston…the latter two have outstanding wine selections by the glass. Adults are in charge at all three, a term I use to describe Danny Meyer’s restaurants.

One place to consider is L’Espalier - FOR LUNCH. That helps a lot with the sticker shock and the experience is so elegant and the food is just wonderful. We went recently after a week of eating wonderfully in Paris and it held its own with the best experiences we had in France.


Number 9 Park? Has been a few years since I’ve been there, but at last visit would definitely fit the bill.

It’s been a few years for us as well at No. 9 Park but just remembered their holiday lunch schedule so heading back next week. I’ll report back!


Sorellina is my go-to for this kind of thing - it’s probably at the top of your price range but the ambiance is great, the food is delicious, and it has that special occasion feel.

Uni - have you eaten at TW Food recently? I am having a hard time finding recent reviews but the menu looks great.


Last visit was probably about 6 months ago, and it was as good as ever. It was nice to see that there was no drop off at TW when Bronwyn opened. Honestly the menu always looks good to OK to me. However I end up enjoying everything I get there. It’s the kind of place where I come away saying, I usually wouldn’t order X, but it was excellent. We try to order different things to try as much as possible. It’s great food with professional service in a quaint atmosphere that is becoming scarce in this country. I hope you enjoy.

That sounds just perfect! Can’t wait to try!


Yes. It’s as good as ever.

no. 9 now offers pre-fixe or chef’s tasting menu only. the pre-fixe is $76, i think, and an a la carte entree from that would be $40+.

the only dish at sorellina under $40 is the chicken.

lineage doesn’t get much love but the prices are very reasonable on both excellent food and wine and it’s a small pretty space.

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