Looking for a cleaver/ chopper to whack bones

I bought my mother a nice Wuesthoff chef’s knife. She used it to chop up a raw chicken and knocked a chunk out of it, so in my opinion you’re smart not to want to use your chef’s knife as a cleaver.

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I was at the Stockton Bargain Center today. They pointed me to a few bins of all rusted cleavers on the floor near the door. I don’t mean rust after use on carbon steel. These looked like they had been sitting outside for the entire winter. Preferring not to go through the trouble of cleaning up the knives, I went to Yee Cheong a few doors down. All but one of their knives were stainless steel and I got a 330g SS cleaver from Jin Lih (Taiwan) for $19.99 plus tax. Its not strictly a bone whacker but can be for chopping as well. Forgot about the Wok Shop. This would do if it lasts a number of years. I’ll have to test it out to see how it does.