Lookie - Lookie - a place called Pappy's Cafe in Houston

I’m looking through all the pics I can find online to see if I recognize any of the customers.


I had lunch there at least once a week for years, usually on Thursdays.

Nice folks and good food. My usual was blackened catfish, either with or without crawfish etouffee on top. Good burgers, cfs, salads, etc.

Don’t skip the daily soups. We would go on Thursdays because if chef was making crawfish bisque that week, it was usually on Thursday.

Tell Paul, NDW says “Geaux Tigahs”. He didn’t go to LSU, but to hear him tell it, he sent a ton of my money that way. :wink:

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Love it, but I almost always get the vegetable plate.Three veggies of your choice and garlic bread. Mac n cheese is a veg by the way.


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