Look out Mickey, here comes Bizzy Burger


Good luck.

Interesting, but I am not sure if competing with McDonald is the best angle.

“We want to keep it simple,” Brezinski says.”

Of course, his idea of simple is fairly complex.
What happened to give the people what they want?

Why would bizzy burger think of competing with McDonald’s only out of all the brands that exist? I thought they could think of starting with some other brand then head to McDonald’s. Anyways I am not here to discourage them but wish them the best they can.

I think the guy is going for as much publicity as he can get for the new concept. He wants people to come try it so they can test customer reception. Shooting for Mickey? Sure. Might wind up hurting sales at White Castle the most. But he’s trying and he wants to hit it out of the park.

I like the idea of a ‘petite’ burger. The pics make it look like a one-handed burger and I like that. I like the different toppings, not the same old, same old.

Would I like the burger? Who knows. If I were in Big D I might seek it out, rather than hit up Mickey, the King, Wendy’s, etc., again. I know what they taste like, never need to eat another one in my life. I get all the comforting, familiar food I like at home and no one does it just the way I like it. When I’m out, I like to try something new.

Most people are probably not like that.