Long Bridge pizza (Dogpatch, SF)

Dogpatch is an easy neighborhood to take for granted, and I’ve mainly gone there for breakfast or lunch on weekends. The pizza at Long Bridge is a good reminder to visit this neighborhood more often.

Long Bridge’s pies have a thin sourdough crust, complex more than tangy, brown on the bottom with a few charred spots, and elasticity without being bready. They do not offer slices, just a small or large pie— three slices of a large was enough to feed everyone at our table, but four wouldn’t be unreasonable.

The white pie is outstanding, and bested the margherita (pictured) and the bacon. The white pizza is topped with spinach, thick and creamy ricotta, mozzarella, and garlic (oil?). The spinach retain some crunch and the mixture of flavors is like an elevated version of anything I’ve had on Long Island in recent years, certainly New York style places in San Francisco.

On the sourdough front, I prefer Long Bridge or Pizzahacker over the Monday night pizza at the Mill on Divisadero. The Mill’s crust has more whole-wheat, I believe, and is quite good, but they only offer one topping per night, like Cheeseboard or Arizmendi. It kind of sucks to have waited an hour for a topping you don’t like, especially in a neighborhood where it is tough to find parking.

Some other pics for the neighborhood, mainly for lunch time: Neighborhood bakehouse makes my favorite croissants in the city, Serpentine has a great brunch, plenty of chocolate places, Mr. and Mrs. miscellaneous for ice cream, and Marcella’s lasagnaria during the week.

2347 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94107

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