Long Branch Eateries

We are heading here for the outdoor ice skating rink this upcoming week. Any must-try places we should try? Pizza, burgers, Cheesesteak type place would do.

Sure, we can help. Happy new year!

Are you looking for more of a restaurant or just a place to grab some quick/good food?

We like Freddies for good pizza and Italian:


Hmmmm, I didn’t know that there was an ice skating rink in LB. There’s no shortage of decent to good pizza to be had in town. Freddie’s is still on my short list in town (though it’s been hit or miss of late). I do prefer Nunzio’'s or it’s neighbor Tuzzio’s which is literally next door. Btw, Thursday nites at Tuzzio’s has 1/2 price pasta dishes (ample helping) along with their pies providing good value. Scala’s in West End on Brighton Ave is also good pie.

Beyond that one can’t go wrong going to Jack’s for wings ($.60 happy hour special), and burgers (right up the street from Scala’s). Windmill for a really good hot dog and fries.

Great cheesesteaks can be had at Ocean View Bakery as well.

Now, where the hell is the skating rink?

There is a newly built skating rink at Pier Village.

I think I’ll skate Spring Lake once it’s iced over sufficiently.

La Valentina:


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Last I saw it (years ago) it was synthetic ice.

I was going to suggest the pizza place right in Pier Village, but I see it has changed hands…or at least names.

Savor Brasil.


Pier Village ice Rink was just installed in November so you couldn’t have seen it years ago.


Oceanview Bakery


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Nice it is real ice now.

Not going to argue, but there was certainly synthetic ice sometime in at least one past winter.

Thanks to all. The rink is small but it is very scenic, across from the beach. Small coffee and hot chocolate stand there as well. We wound up making the trek to Vic’s in Bradley Beach, since we have never tried it. We plan on going one more time so I will certainly try some of the suggestions. Thanks!