Long Beach dinner recommendations

I’m attending a conference at the Long Beach Hyatt and am looking for Sunday and Monday night dinners that are within a 20 minute cab ride or 40 minute walk.

I’m most excited by Cambodian food, which isn’t something I get often in the SFBA. Is one Cambodian restaurant or dish a dinner must have?

(I may attempt a 7am bowl of noodles at Phnom Penh Noodle, but am otherwise set for breakfast/lunch).


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Thanks for the suggestions!

Shlap Muan’s Daisy Diner Location delivered to my hotel. The Dirty Elvis was great. Salty/sweet, the thick coated exterior stayed crunchy despite the dense syrup and delivery time.

Later on, I head to Long Beach Creamery. A Lemon Curd scoop had plenty of curd dashes throughout. For takeout, I’ve slowly been making my way though a churro butter cake, topped with a cinnamon crumble.

Phnom Phen Noodle Shack hit the spot for breakfast. Nom hing (round bread) alone was worth the visit and had a well-developed flavor and a stretchy and fluffy interior. Pictured below is the dry style Mo’s special (ground pork, pork slices, and beef balls). I upgraded it with Chinese broccoli and, on the side, pork bone for the chewable edition of the broth.

Chiang Rai had a line out of the door and a 40 minute wait for a solo me. Midnite chicken’s skin was so crackly and thin I didn’t want the curry side to detract, but I wound up dipping my second piece as the skin softened over time. The accompanying roti was too oily and didn’t have enough chew.

The Khao Soi was spectacular. Bright spices, good body underneath, and lots of crunchy noodles and side condiments for bonus texture. Not sure I’ve had Sai uao as a khao soi option elsewhere and the gamble paid off.


Good eating.

The Dirty Elvis and Cambodian Dirt are my favorite wings at Shlap Muan.

Long Beach Creamery makes my favorite guava ice cream, the “Sweet Corn Guava”. :yum: