London's Trishna and Chez Bruce--Trip report

As it turned out, both of the nice meals out I had with my friends in London (end of August) were both at one star restaurants. Very different, but both delicious meals.

Trishna (thank you @Saregama for the recommendation) was wonderful on all counts. The service was friendly and helpful. The setting is beautiful. The food is beautifully (and creatively) presented, and incredibly delicious. Highly recommend this upscale but unfussy restaurant.

Nice “bread” basket:

I think this was squid and shrimp…anyway, one of my favorite dishes we had:

Sorry I don’t have any pictures from Chez Bruce. It’s fairly local to my friends in Battersea where I was staying. It’s French, I’d call it modern with a very appealing (constantly changing) menu. It’s 75£ for three courses, so not inexpensive. Nice wine list also. And again, very friendly, not stuffy service.


We ate at Trishna in 2015. It was one of the reasons for that particular trip to the capital, as high end South Asian restaurants are as rare as hens teeth elsewhere in the country. Good meal - we had the Koliwada menu of seven courses. More substantial than your average tasting menu portion sizes.

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