[London]- Warisan cafe , anyone been?

I found this cafe while having a dig around the net. It’s in the same location as the much missed (at least by me) Bonda cafe. It’s a Malaysian place, the same has Bonda and seems a very similar set up. Has anyone been or does anyone know if it’s the same people?


nope - will check it out though!

Finally made it to Warisan Cafe on Saturday & I’m glad I did. I thought I might have over ordered but it was so good I managed to finish it.

Lovely light and flaky roti. On a par with Roti King IMO.

Chicken curry. Pretty good., nice tender chicken.

Ikan sambal. I think the fish was sea bass. Would have rather had mackerel (Bonda used mackerel and their version was excellent). Having said that the fish was perfectly cooked with some crispy skin as well. The sambal had a nice sourness and the tomatoes went well with it all.

Had rice on the side and a nice teh tarik’

I had a nice chat with the lady and asked if they were the same people who had run Bonda and it turns out they’re not. Definitely a keeper.


Oh wow, I’m sold. Have scheduled it in for later this month. Thank you!

I went a few months back, had the nasi lemak. It was generally serviceable but the standout component was the ayam goreng, which really was beautifully fried.

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I had to keep postponing my trip here but finally made it earlier this week. Also had the nasi lemak and agree with Dean that the chicken was pretty excellent. I was also very taken by the peanuts, of all things; they were roasted just right, and although they’re only a small component they really lifted the dish for me.

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