[London] Suggestions for dinner as close as possible to City Thameslink Station?

Does anyone have ideas for a decent dinner as close as possible to City Thameslink Station, please? This will be on a Thursday around 7pm, and there will be two of us. No dietary restrictions other than lactose intolerance on the part of my companion. All cuisines are fine.

My fallback option is Ceena, but it looks to have something of a “quick in and out” ambience. I’d prefer somewhere a bit more relaxed, and I’d prefer to be able to book.

(Please no suggestions of “hop on the bus/train and go a few stops to Place X” — due to other constraints it really does have to be in the area specified.)

I don’t know that area’s restaurants well at all, but I found this. You probably did, too. :slight_smile:


You probably know this already but you will be 5 minutes walk (no train no bus) from Smithfield where there is abundant choice and great possibilities.

Thanks for the reply! Cigalon was on my initial list of possibilities but is slightly too far in the wrong direction.

Apologies; I keep forgetting that City Thameslink has two entrances. We’ll be at the Ludgate Circus end. Smithfield is just a little too far for this occasion, though I’m keen to try Morgan M at some point.

El Vinos Blackfriars might suit a certain mood.

A definite contender — thanks!

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