London short trip

I was in London for a few days last week, business trip. Had the chance to sample some new to me places. Brief overview.

The tapas place run by former Barrafina chef Nieves Barragan. This was the quality that drew me to Barrafina in the past, and much better than my visit to Barrafina (Adelaide Str) a few months ago. The food at Barrafina (still a Michelin I believe) was much too salty. At Sabor everyrhing was great. I was there for lunch, having a salad of tomatoes and some kind of sausage, as well as arroz negro. Pricey. Location central, but the restaurant’s design is not that special (by London standards and imho).

Goodman Mayfair.
Steak! It was good. Not much to add. Great vibe. Recommended. Lunch.

Hawksmoor Seven Dials (Covent Garden).
First time Hawksmoor for me. Pleasantly surprised. Great staff, and every single dish was good. From the carpaccio of beef to the ice cream for dessert. Fries were top. And of course the steak, though while close not as good as at Goodman. Very good vibe overall. Recommended.

Soho House Mayfair.
Members club I believe. Had a wonderful starter of scallops, and then for main a cotoletta Milanese, proper with the bone in. Great food!

Final thoughts
What can I say, London is still one of the most exciting cities in the world for dining, though it helps if you have an expense account.


Some pics from Sabor. No pics from the other places, too busy drinking and having fun!


Would love to try Soho House. Would need the expense account though!

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That Hawksmoor was the first we went to. I really looked forward to them opening in Manchester. We went a few times - but the last two occasions were disappointing with the steak overly chewy. This first time, it was comp’d and a free one offered when we came back. Unfortunately, that was also chewy. We’ve not returned - just not worth the risk at those prices.

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